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Deleting Duplicates.. another twist

Question asked by NormD on Mar 12, 2014
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Deleting Duplicates.. another twist


     There have been some posts that come close to answering this but I still need a little guidance.

     I have a database that has a File No. field and would like to delete duplicates based on the first 3 characters of the field.

     For example: Here are the numbers in the field (the brackets indicate what I want as an end result)

001 (keep)

001A (delete)

001B (delete)

002 (keep)

002 (delete)

003 (keep)

003A (delete)

004 (keep)

005 (keep)

     ...and so on

     I use a script I got from another post that almost works, but it keeps all the 001's because it sees the letters as a different number. If I have FMP check only the first 3 characters it may work.