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deleting imported table occurrence in merged file

Question asked by vmtc on Apr 9, 2012
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deleting imported table occurrence in merged file



I want to merge a table from one file into a second file. I have seen various posts on how to do this, and will gratefully follow them. However, there is one thing I'd like to check. 

One of the table occurrences in the second file already has exactly the relationship I need (and for that matter the same name). When I import the table though I get a new TO of course (re-named unless I change one of them first). If I delete this new TO, and redefine the existing one to point to the newly imported table, am I going to run into any problems?

Since this is the first step, I won't have imported scripts etc. And since the TO is just a relatinoship, I can't see a prob, except that in a dry run I noticed that it came up as an unrelated table when I went to reinstate a missing field definition. Since there's only one such field, it's an easy fix, but I wondered if there were other things I hadn't thought about. The TO in the second file is already used in scripts, layouts etc, so I certainly don't want to change that. 

Any advice greatly appreciated....