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Deleting just one duplicate file but retaining the other

Question asked by Tarj on Oct 14, 2009
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Deleting just one duplicate file but retaining the other


I'm using FileMaker Pro 7.0.2.  I have created a file that has names, street addresses numbers and names, city, state.  My problem is that I have double entries in the street address numbers and streets because married couples are inputted and they the same address number and street.


What I want to do, regardless of which duplicate address is removed, is remove one of them and save the other.  I have the file set up in table format and have isolated all the duplicate files and haven't the slightest idea how to eliminate one of the two duplicates.  I've tried numerous scenarios to no avail and am stumped.


Please keep in mind that I'm an infrequent user of FileMaker and am definitely not the sharpest tack in the box.  That means any directions have to be as though you were talking to a new kid in kindergarten........... one and one equals two............ maybe.