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Deleting Portal Rows with Join Table and Many to Many

Question asked by JosephGabrielli on Aug 20, 2010
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Deleting Portal Rows with Join Table and Many to Many


Okay here goes, I hope I'm able to explain this.

I have a setup right now, where I have a many to many relationship setup via a join table.

I have setup a portal to show the related records in the primary user layout.

The portal is linked to a table that contains line item products with associated monetary values.

So when I delete a portal row, instead of deleting the record in the join table (and thus removing that relationship) deleting the row (via the Delete Portal Row script attached to a button in each row), deletes the record on the related "many" table, not the join table.

So I'm presently setup to delete my entire table of line items if things continue this way.

I've tried changing the various deletion settings, in the relationship graph, I've tried all boxes checked and unchecked.

I've also tried removing the setting for the portal that allows deletion of portal records, it still asks me if I want to delete the record, and still removes the line item from the table on the other side of the join table.  

Is there anyway to make sure that records in the join table are deleted and not data from the many to many tables?

I'm including a screenshot of 3 different areas of the database. The two portals, the rel graph, and the script to add portal entries/records.



PS I did use a tip I found on the forums here, for using a table instance and a second portal associated with it, to add items to my primary portal without leaving the primary layout (IOW not having to navigate to the join table to create records there), the join table has no real data, just two foriegn keys and a primary key to associate the many to many relationship between my sales table and line items table.