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Deleting Record (FMPro menus grayed out) - Urgent

Question asked by ItchinaroBahnawa on Oct 22, 2010
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Deleting Record (FMPro menus grayed out) - Urgent


I need to delete a record to fix a problem.

We bought a POS app written on FMPro 6.  The app is no longer supported  by the developer.  The app comes in one small *.fp5 and loads of *.cji  files.

I have two passwords for the app, normal user's and master password.   But neither allows me to delete a record (FM menus are grayed out).  I've used password crackers  to retrieve 4 additional passwords, but still cannot manually delete a  record (menus still grayed out).

It seems to be needing developer's password.  Is there a bypass to have direct access to the records for deletion?

I've also tried to upgrade the FM (hoping that would give me access), but the app also uses too many plugins that are not supported anymore, and upgrade is not feasible.