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deleting records

Question asked by jb_1 on Sep 24, 2012
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deleting records


     hi ;

     please I have a probleme and I can't resolve it. I have a database That contant 3 tables. A:Cars, B:Peugeot and C:renault.

     In tables B and C , I have to add and delete cars every time , BUT when I delete a Car from the table B , a car deleting from table C, whith the same ID of the one of ather table. I have 2 keys relating the 2 tables with the big one "tableA" , "IDcars" and "TypeCars"...when a cars was deleting in B or C , It was deleting automatically in A and the other table. How can I resolve tghis problem, I must delete Cars from one table of "B" or "C" who will be delete it from A. thanks