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    Deleting Records



      Deleting Records


      Is there any way of requiring a password before deleting records? Can "CTRL+E" be disabled? Any other ideas on how to get users to think twice before hitting delete?

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          You could write a script for whenever the user clicks on the delete button.  The script could be similar to below:

          Set Error Capture [On]

          Allow User Abort[Off]

          Re-Login[Account Name: Get(AccountName)]


               Exit Script[]

          End If

          Delete Record/Request [No dialog]


          This way, if they get their password correct, it will delete the record.  If they get it wrong or cancel, it will exit the script.

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            With Filemaker Advanced, you can set up the layout with a custom menu that does not have Delete Record as an option. You can also set up the custom menu so that Delete Record ( and Ctrl-E ) perform a delete record script that you devise. You can also remove the keyboard shortcut key combo in the custom menu as well.

            Without Advanced, you can set up the users with a privilege set that does not permit deleting records. You can then use a button on the layout for deleting records that performs your delete record script and that is set to "run with full access privileges".