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Deleting Records Bug (in my script)

Question asked by brodlang on Feb 24, 2014
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Deleting Records Bug (in my script)


     I have 2 similar but different scripts that work on different tables that are giving me a similar problem. I'm sure I'm missing something in my novice programming.  Occassionally, the script will delete records that it shouldn't.  I haven't been able to determine what factors are in place when this happens so I can't just duplicate to try and debug. One example is listed below.  The tables involved are Heading 4, Copy Preps and Door Preps.  The layout is based on Heading 4.  Door Preps is a portal on the layout. Data is entered into Door Preps for each record in Heading 4.  The purpose of the script is to copy the Door Preps data from one Heading 4 record (variable) to the current Heading 4 record. Works like a charm 95% of the time, but the other 5% it deletes all the current record set in Heading 4, which is strange because almost all the action happens in the other two tables.  Any ideas what I'm missing here?  (Sorry for the sloppy upload)