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Delivery addresses and Billing addresses

Question asked by brian.curran on Jul 20, 2011
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Delivery addresses and Billing addresses


I won't bore you all (or embarass myself) with the actual details but I screwed up my database structure so I have decided to amend it.

I currently have an Addresses table which is mainly used for customer Sites where we provide our services, I would like to add some more fields to the layout to contain a Billing address.

Here is what I think needs to be done, your views/advice would be welcome:

  • Create the extra 'Billing' fields on the layout
  • Duplicate the Addresses TO and link them together somehow (?)
  • Create a script button that enables the user to simply copy the Site address data to the new Billing fields if it's the same address (or simply type in a different Billing address)

Job done?