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Delphi TDateTime format conversion

Question asked by ElvinBirth on Nov 6, 2010
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Delphi TDateTime format conversion


I would like to convert the DelphiTDateTime recorded in OziE and OziCE track flies to a form of timestamp recognized by FMPro. Is there an existing algorithm or calculation to do that?

Here is the OziE Help file explanation of the format:

Date Format
Delphi stores date and time values in the TDateTime type. The integral part of a TDateTime value is the number of days that have passed since 12/30/1899. The fractional part of a TDateTime value is the time of day.
Following are some examples of TDateTime values and their corresponding dates and times:
0 - 12/30/1899 12:00 am

2.75 - 1/1/1900 6:00 pm

-1.25 - 12/29/1899 6:00 am

35065 - 1/1/1996 12:00 am

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Mac OSX 10.6.4, FMPro Advanced 11.0v2