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Demo version creation

Question asked by deadboltsecurity on Jun 12, 2010


Demo version creation


I don't have to worry about it right now but I'm laying out my road map now. Eventually I'll be compiling my app, distribute to friends, family and fan for flaming and then eventually a shareware version. I can either distrubute a crippled demo limiting the number of records, disabling some functions and give pseudo results in some fields and then if they buy it I just send them the production one.


Of course with that route then I have to have mechanism to keep getting the production version updates out to my customers and other inconveniences.


I'm not worried about it the app much once it's out the door. Generally if you let folks get a good demo and then the software costs little and delivers lots, free market forces mostly take care of themselves. The app is high end, financial, securites and options contract monitoring program... my audience knows money and are unlikely to shank you for $50 in a world of tools that cost hundreds to thousands.


The other route is building in globals that get date and time, keep track of when you open and close and out smart all the "date changers" out there. A key code is pretty easy to come up with so that if it's not right the 30 day timer keeps kicking you down. I have no import/export functions (at this time) so once they start putting live data in they're at risk of losing that data if they don't have a key code entered. Again $50 for a program that monitors a 6 figure + portfolio... they won't be too tempted.


A part two of this vein is that I'm thinking about a Starter, Basic and Advanced version that really has all the code in just one program. Depending on the keycode is what unlocks what feature you're paying for.


Any opinions on that topic? Anyone use a commercial product? Ahh, the problems E.F. Codd never had to deal with.