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Dense question about contacts

Question asked by Stu412 on Apr 24, 2015
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Dense question about contacts


Hi there

I have companies and staff who work within the companies.  Many staff can work in a company.  I have a simple three table relationship from Company >>> CompanyID/ContactID >>>Contact.

On a company layout, I can view who works there in a portal based on the contact table.

On a contact layout, I can view which company they work for based on the company table.

What I also want to do on the contact layout is view a contact's colleagues.  So for example, if a company employs six people, I click on one of them and I see on their record a list of the other five.

How do I get this?  I'd normally use a portal to list this information out, but I cannot put a portal on the parent table.  I've also tried a second table occurrance with a portal being based on that, but that didn't work, either because it doesn't in concept or I did something wrong.

Apologies for the dense question, it's been a long two weeks!

Thanks in advance