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    deploying database updates



      deploying database updates


      Hi All,

          I have a custom filemaker app I use for production coordination at my business. We have several facilities that all use an independent but seperate instance of this application. I'm wondering if there is a best practice for deploying updates to this software. Currently I have a "development" instance, and when I'm ready to deploy updates I have to create several copies of this database and then manually import all the records from the "live" databases. This process is time consuming and leads to various errors and discrepencies between which version is live at each site. Is there a better method for managing this?



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          I suggest you modify your design to support the "data separation" model. With this approach, you put all layouts, scripts, value lists etc in one file and all your data tables in another. Since many updates result in changes to the interface without modifying the design of your tables, these updates can now be deployed by simply replacing the old copy of the interface file with the new.

          Convert to Seperation Model

          When you have to update your data file, the import process should be scripted, both to avoid mistakes during the import process and to make it something that does not require you to be present while it takes place. This way you can set this up to run during a time when you can take the file down from the server for this update, run the script to move the data, and then put the updated file up in place of the original while not permitting any changes to the data during the update process. This script can import data from every table and also update the next serial value settings for any fields with auto-entered serial numbers.

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            Thanks for the help. Just what I needed.