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    Deployment Option for FMP solutions



      Deployment Option for FMP solutions


      @Philmodjunk - I figure you have to be the best person to ask this question, but I wanted an open forum to see what people have tried or use now if at all.


      Just wondering...suppose I compile my solution into a stand-alone runtime. Now let's just suppose I wanted to give the end-user the ability to choose whether or not the program should start when windows starts.

      Now I know I can do various things to accomplish this with whatever installation software I am using...but that is not what I am interested in. I would really like a way to script this into the FMP solution itself, so that the end-user can change this as a preference.

      Has anyone ever been able to accomplish this? or even tried? Very curious as to whether or not this would even be possible with a FMP solution deployment as a runtime.

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          I suppose it's theoretically possible to set up, but not sure I'd recommend it. Your file could, afterall, save a copy of itself to the start up folder and then it should launch automatically, but now the data is sitting in the start up folder and you have an older copy of the same file still in your solution folder....

          Anybody know a command line entry that will make a short cut of a file and put in the startup items folder? Haven't tried that, but once you've figured out the command line syntax, I think you can set up a bactch file that does this and send event, I think, can then run the batch file to generate your shortcut in the start up folder.

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            I thought of using a batch file, just wondering how Windows 7 & Vista UAC will screw with it.


            I have already found one bug that "can" effect FileMaker with Vista and Windows 7. I found that randomly, my solution installer will just NOT create the registry entires, uninstaller, or shortcuts. However, it still installs the software. After researching the issue I found this to be a known problem, although MS has yet to confirm it. (typical lol)

            I wanted to add this info to this post in hopes it will prevent others from going through what I did when it happened to me.