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    Descending Sort of Drop Down Value List



      Descending Sort of Drop Down Value List


           I have value list field Classes::ClassCode (a field i another table). It is used in a portal called and is configured as a drop down value

           However the drop dow list is sorted in ascending order. Is it possible to have it be sorted in descending order, so the new codes are on top


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               Not with a conventional "use values from a field" value list. If your value list only used values from one field (not a course ID and course name like I would guess that you have here), there can sometimes be a way around this by sorting on a calculation field in the second field to force a different order.

               In your case, you may have to use a selection portal to get the courses listed in the order that you want. Clicking a button in such a portal enters that record's ID into the designated field on your layout.