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Question asked by CaitlinM on Jul 20, 2011
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Description Search Script



I am trying to create a script that will populate information based on a search. For this script I am working with mainly 2 tables, one that links a referring doctors first names and last names to the patient information, and then through a uniqueID for each doctor, is related to another table with all the information related to that doctor.


Referral Info


Referring MD ID

MD Last Name

MD First Name

Phone, Email, Address, Etc.


Patient Info


Patient ID

Referring MD Last Name

Referring MD First Name

Referring MD ID

The problem is I imported this information from Access and so I have a complete table for the referringMD with all the information, which I then assigned unique IDs to each referring MD. However in the patient information table, the last and first names got imported, but without going through each patient, I do not know how to attach the referring MD ID to the patient information.

So far I have this script which is not working:

Set Variable [$SearchText; Value: Get Value (Get ScriptParameter); MD Last Name)]

If [not IsEmpty ($SearchText)]

Freeze Window

Go to Layout ("Referring MD List")

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [Referring MD:: MD Last Name; Quote ($Search Text)]

Set Error Capture [on]

Perform Find []

If [Get (FoundCount) = 0]

Go to Layout [Referring MD]

Show Custom Dialog ["No Doctor Name Containing" & Quote ($SearchText) & "was found."

Else If [Get (FoundCount) = 1]

Set Field [Referring MD:: ReferringMD ID; ReferringMDID]

End If

Thanks for any help you can give!