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deselecting a value from a drop down Value list

Question asked by dinoapolito on Apr 1, 2014
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deselecting a value from a drop down Value list



     I have a field that I will use in Find Mode. The field is 'accountID' and I have it's data as a Drop Down list looking at an Accounts table. So if I have 20 accounts the drop down list will show 20 accountID's.

     The same layout has the same again for seasonID and workspaceID each with drop down lists looking at a table (a seasons table and a workspace table.

     The idea is the user can just use those the drop downs to select a specific combination of season, account and workspace before hitting a FIND button that will perform a find based on those three criteria.

     All good so far.

     But what if the user selects a season from the season drop down value list but then wants to deselect it so that it will not search for a season? I'd like a way for the field to go back to empty other than hitting the delete key to empty the field. 

     Ideally I'd like the value list to have something like a * as the first record then the 'seasons' table records.

     Hope that makes sense