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    Design a blank recipe card



      Design a blank recipe card


      I want to design a blank recipy card, 4 inches square.  The card has to be numbered in 3 places with the same number.  I want to enter the commands for enter quantity e.g: 200 enter starting number eg 1001   press "start"  Should print out 200 cards numbered in 3 places numbered 1001 to 1200. Please help. thanks in advance.

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          Define two global number fields: gQuantity, gStartingValue. Define a non-global number field, CardNumber.

          Design your layout for printing your recipe card and place CardNumber in each of the three places where you need this number.

          #start with no records in the found set
          Show All Records
          Show Omitted Only
          Set Variable [$CardNumb ; Value: YourTable::gStartingValue]
          #Create and number the card records
             New Record/Request
             Set Field [YourTable::CardNumber ; $CardNumb]
             Set Variable [$CardNumb ; Value: $CardNumb + 1]
             Exit Loop If [ $CardNumb > ( YourTable::gStartingValue + YourTable::gQuantity - 1) ]
          End Loop

          At this point your script can also print or preview the cards if you wish.