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Design Function to List Fields

Question asked by Terri on Dec 21, 2011
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Design Function to List Fields


Working with FMPro Advanced 11 on a Mac.

I adopted a database from a previous owner who didn't understand the concept of relationships. I can definitely tell this person went on a field and layout rampage as she was learning FileMaker as there are over 100 layouts (all doing basically the same thing) and over 400 fields on one table (as i said, no concept of relationships). I don't blame her, I'm learning too, but now it is time to do a clean up.

After using the database for a few months I've determined the 20ish layouts that we need and I have an idea to restructure the one huge table into smaller tables and relationships to make things easier to understand. But weeding through the 400 fields to identify the ones that I actually need is my goal. Can the Design Function help me? I want a list of fields on these specific layouts so I can go through the table and delete any unnecessary ones. Is that possible?