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Design Help on New DB

Question asked by JohnNeedham on Nov 11, 2012
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Design Help on New DB



     I have just purchased a full copy of Filemaker 12 and decided I want to build a "family budget" database application using FM.

     I have some SQL experience and indeed some dbms experience with products like MySQL.

     But I am not sure how to design this concept.  Basically, I am looking to track what bills are due each two weeks and figure out our incomes and available funds after each payday.  I think I will need a "bills" table and an "income" table, but being still fairly inexperienced in db design, I am not real sure.  I am not looking to be as complex as Quicken, more like the envelope system model where you set aside an amount of money in an envelope for each bill/expense.  Naturally, I will want to save Payees with addresses, etc as well.

     Thanks for any suggestions.

     Again, please remember that I am brand new to FM.


     Mike Needham