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    Design layout for users with different screen sizes



      Design layout for users with different screen sizes




       I need to change some of my layouts to accommodate users who have different monitor display sizes.  I read the two pages in FTS but didn't find them helpful.  I anchored a rectangle to the left and right but it doesn't stretch across the screen.  What am I doing wrong?

      I could be interpreting this wrong but FTS made it sound like anchoring won't help if another user's display is configured differently (aka they use different px by px dimensions).  Anchoring only helps when you min and max the window.  It suggested using Get(ScreenHeight) and Get(ScreenWidth) but didn't explain how you use that information to adjust your layout objects.

      I tried searching the knowledge base for a more in-depth explanation of how to design for different screen sizes but I kept getting a warning message that something went wrong with my search.  I changed my keyword ten times, so I think the problem lies with my internet connection (we've been having issues lately).  If anyone could send me a link to an article that could help me I would be very grateful.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


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          This probably isn't the post you'll like to read, but this can be a real problem with FileMaker when you try to create a solution that supports many different monitor settings.

          The suggested solution that the (FTS = FileMaker Training Series?) source you refer to is likely recommending is to create different layouts for different monitor settings. Then a script that runs when the file is opened (see File Options in the File menu), checks the screen height and width to select the appropriate layouts for that user.

          Maintaining such groups of layouts can be a real pain as any design changes you make in one layout also has to be made in the other layouts so that they are all consistent.

          One partial problem solver available to Windows users is the "Enlarge window contents to improve visibility settings". Our boss insists on using Ye Olde 800 x 600 monitor settings that were typical when the DB was first created back in FMP 3.0 days. I've been able to quietly enable this option on selected computers so that we can use a higher screen resolution without needing to create a second set of layouts, though some of my new window script steps that pop up floating windows to use as dialogs have to check for this setting and adjust window sizes accordingly.