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Design Problem

Question asked by Lust4Kicks_1 on Dec 3, 2009
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Design Problem


Need help with a design problem..  :smileyhappy:


3 Tables: Accounts, Contacts, Work Orders


Accounts contains names of Companies, addresses, etc.

A "company type" field has choices (Real Estate, Escrow, Construction, Church, or Other.) via Value List


Contacts contains people and contact info

A "contact type" field has choices (Realtor, Escrow Officer, Manager, etc) via Value List


Accounts & Contacts are linked by "AccountID"


Work Orders table is my problem... I need to show this information:

1. A Company & Contact (in this example a Real Estate company & Realtor with their Contact Info) 

2. An Escrow Company (and Escrow Officer, Info, etc)


Is it possible to show both types of info on the Work Orders layout with this design or does each company type or contact type need to be in their separate tables and then somehow pulled in? Is there another method not shown here?


Whichever way works, can someone show me how to set it up?


Please and thank you.