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    Design separate files database for simpler hosted sync?



      Design separate files database for simpler hosted sync?


           hi all,

           I am a retailer, I have been using a filemaker database solution for 3 years which has been working like a charm as a retail POS, and I am impressed by its potential, only limited by my lack of time to work on it and make it better at my amateur level. Now I would like to expand and allow the database to be deployed and to sync to different devices through a hosted server service (e.g. world cloud?).

           here is my question:

           I have read warnings in the Filemaker sync Guide that syncing can be complex to implement. So I would prefer to optimize/simplify current database design and maybe separate the tables into different files such as products, invoices, POs, Customers, LineItems etc. Syncing separate files containing flat tables mostly.

           Problem is, there are several tables and join-tables in a database... That makes many filemaker files. I have read that only a limited number of files are allowed to be opened simultaneously. But isn't it easier and more cautious to design a hosted database system as different separate files? If not, will syncing become more complex to implement through multiple linked tables? And when data is corrupted will it make it harder to solve problems? Will crossed-linked relationships and lookup data / Summary calculations become slower through such a set-up?

           Would you recommend that I get *professional help* ? (I had to write this ;-)

           thank you

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               Last time that I checked, the limit was for 50 files open at once.

               But I'm not sure that separating your tables into different files actually simplifies the sync process. Whether all in one file or in separate files, the data in the tables still have to be correctly "synched" and this can be a potentially complex process.

               Both 360Works and SeedCode offer tools for synching FileMaker databases, so you may want to look them up on the web and see what they currently have to offer in this area.

               And this can be an unnecessary thing if you can host the database from a single system and connect all of your devices to it as clients of that hosted system.