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    Design/ workflow advice for executable



      Design/ workflow advice for executable


      The fundamental question is: is there a workflow to maintain executable, distributed versions of a database. The executable is created from the developer utilities in FMP Advanced (11).

      The database has 2 files: the interface (no tables) and the data.

      What does one need to establish when either the interface or the data files or both are changed and want to implement those changes in the distributed version? Is there a way to "unbundle" the executable to segregate the interface and data files again?

      I am not sure if I've provided enough information. At this point I'm not looking at a lot of distributed files - just home based stuff on other computers here. But, it seems to me that there should be some way to update tables or update the interface on distributed files.

      Thanks in advance.
      Karl Browning

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          The "bound" database files can be found in the run time folder as separate files. You can take copies of these files, open them with FileMaker, make design changes and then just distribute the modified files to your clients with either instructions to drop them into the run time folder (interface file only) or send it out with an installer to deploy the files for the user.

          Haven't tried this, but You can probably distribute your solutions with an extra bound file. If an installer can rename and move files, like I think they can, you can set up the installer to move and rename the current data file to that of the extra file, then copy in the new file. A script in the new data file could import all records and update serial number fields the first time the user opens the file...