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    Designing a multi-user database



      Designing a multi-user database


           So far in my filemaker "career" I have only needed to design my databases with me in mind. I want to start making databases that can be logged into by multiple users. Can anyone give me any tips, or point me to a selection of resources, with this in mind.

           I'm not talking about how to host or share the database, although i might need help with that down the track. I'm talking particularly about design tips and tricks in designing a multi-user database in filemaker. For eg. how to manage mutiple user accounts, in terms of logging in, capturing preferences, security, global fields, administration. I know in general how these things work, but I want to know at the start what the best or better structure/design tips there are out there. 

           Thanks in advance.


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               Do you know how global fields work in a hosted database? IF not see this article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5895/kw/5895

               This is probably the biggest difference in behavior between a single user and multi-user database.

               Do you know about "edit locking" records? IF user A starts editing a record, all other users are locked out of making any changes to that record until user A commits the record. This can be a particularly "sticky" issue if you have a script that needs to update a large set of records and another user has locked one of the records--such "housekeeping" scripts are best performed after hourse when there are no users logged in.

               If needed, "user preferences" can be logged into a table that a script checks when the file is opened. Typically a field in this table records the user's account name so that the script can use it to find the correct record of users preferences.