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designing a timesheet for employees who allot their time towards account numbers

Question asked by jdevans on Feb 15, 2015
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designing a timesheet for employees who allot their time towards account numbers


I have a sample layout created by another person to use as a goal for layout...(file attached)
The idea: have the user select a year, which will go to the correct set of calender months.

The months will be displayed as a set of horizontal buttons. The user selects the month, and then the week number at the bottom.

Once the correct year, month and week have been selected- the week chosen will show up as headers to columns for Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed....with the correct date displayed on each.

Then under the "day" headers will be "cells" for the user to input their time in hours.

Off to the left of each row of "hours cells" will be a drop-down list of accounts to which the users will apply their time. This will enable the user to select the account ONCE for the week, then input their hours to that account on the same "row" on any or all days of the current week displayed.

Each cell of hours data should then be routed to its own individual record storing EmployeeID, AccountID, dateCharged, hours charged.

This is sort of an "Excel" view of a timesheet. This is what is being used now (MS Excel) for timesheets. Is it possible to do this using FileMaker Pro 13? Somehow each cell on the layout would have to be mapped to a create a record based on the person chosen, and the day selected, and the account selected. I think it is a tall order, but the designer of the layout says that' is how it ought to work.