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    designing family photo database



      designing family photo database


      Hi All,

      I have quite a bit of experience with ms access dbs, but am new to FM. I want to scan the family photos as my mom just turned 88 :). What I'd like to do is scan the photos, then either imort or link to them in a database, where I can add names of all the relatives in the pictures while my mom is still around to ID everyone!

      Ideally, I'd like to share the file with my family.

      Better to link to or embed, especially if I want to share the photos and info? There will easily be thouseands if not 10K photos.

      Do I scan each twice, once low res and the other hi quality if printing is  desired?

      Appreciate all your help!






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          With FileMaker 13, you can insert images into container fields and set up a table with one container field for each image with text and date fields used to document the image.

          You shouldn't need to do a second scan to get a lower res copy of the same image as there is a GetTHumbNail function that can downsample the image for you.

          FileMaker does some things very differently from MS Access so be prepared to invest some time into learning how FileMaker does things.

          And this really sounds like a project where you can probably already do this with "off the shelf" software...

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            Thanks for your suggestion.. What I can't do with off the shelf software is include everyone's names in a separate field. 


            Do you think it's wise to store directly in the container field? ( due to bloat)

            There are definitely some differences between access and fm! I'm so used to queries! 






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              I'm surprised that an OTS product can't do that.

              I'd probably use the External Storage option if using FileMaker 12 or newer instead of embedding the files into the container fields.