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    desktop short cuts



      desktop short cuts


      I upgraded to pro 10, before with 7 I created a desktop short cut to a database. now with 10 I cannot seem to create a desktop short cut, it starts to load the program instead. what has changed??


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          You may need to provide more information  to get an answer:


          1. What platform? Mac or Windows? What version?

          2. How did you previously create a shortcut?

          3. How is the database hosted? FileMaker Server? 

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            Sorry, guess I forgot some information.

            it is running Windows, XP Pro, I would just right click and chose "send to" and select "desktop create short cut"

            that does not seem to work now.

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                 If that doesn't wok try Windows START - ALL PROGRAMS select your program and drag it to your desktop.
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                it is Windows XP pro SP3


                I would go to open file, right click on the database, select "send to" then select "desktop create shortcut"

                I could do it this way with Version 7, but now with Version 10 it tries to install program. I use this as a quick way to get right to the database I want, instead of opening the program and then opening the database.  


                it is not on a server, just a PC program.

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                  I use Windows XP SP3. WHen I open a directory and find a Filemaker Pro 10 file, I can right click it and choose send to desktop (create shortcut) and it does exactly that. It creates a shortcut on the desktop like you would expect.


                  Since this is not happening for you, there must be some difference between your set up and mine.