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    Desperately need help with find



      Desperately need help with find


           I know this is probably a simple task, but being new to this I am tearing my hair out.

           Hopefully someone can help explain the basics to me so I can move things forward.

           I have a table that holds records for individual classroom lessons (topic, aims, objectives, resources etc). When you create a new record (lesson) you can choose a topic from a pop up list. The list takes its values from a seperate table that just has one field (topics).

           What I want to do is have a menu page that allows users to select in a popup from the list of existing topics and find all lessons on that topic and display those lesson as a list.

           The problem I have is that if I create a relationship between the 2 tables when I select from the list on the menu it seems to overwrite the values in the Topic table. If I dont create a relationship it throws up unrelated table messages.

           I only have 2 tables! They both have a field called topic. I want something simple and elegant but all I get is chaos. Anyone willing to pick over this and help me out?


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               You don't need the relationship, though you can use if if you wish, but you should not use either of your existing topic fields for this drop down as they store crictical information that should not be changed just to find records. Define another field and set it up with the needed value list and relationship for your searches. You may find that giving this new field global storage a good idea--especially if you have multiple people using your database at the same time.

               Here's a thread on scripted finds that may give you some ideas on how to use a scripted find for this: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Many thanks for the response. I'm still totally struggling, but I guess that's my lack of experience. i cant even get the relationships to work properly - back to the text books for me.

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                   Feel free to use Post A Answer to post follow up questions where you describe what you've tried to set up and the results that you got when you tried that. There's a number of very generous people involved in this forum that can help steer you in the correct direction.