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Desperately need help with find

Question asked by appt on Jun 13, 2013
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Desperately need help with find


     I know this is probably a simple task, but being new to this I am tearing my hair out.

     Hopefully someone can help explain the basics to me so I can move things forward.

     I have a table that holds records for individual classroom lessons (topic, aims, objectives, resources etc). When you create a new record (lesson) you can choose a topic from a pop up list. The list takes its values from a seperate table that just has one field (topics).

     What I want to do is have a menu page that allows users to select in a popup from the list of existing topics and find all lessons on that topic and display those lesson as a list.

     The problem I have is that if I create a relationship between the 2 tables when I select from the list on the menu it seems to overwrite the values in the Topic table. If I dont create a relationship it throws up unrelated table messages.

     I only have 2 tables! They both have a field called topic. I want something simple and elegant but all I get is chaos. Anyone willing to pick over this and help me out?