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detail button on tabbed portal

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Nov 19, 2012
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detail button on tabbed portal


     I have a Client_Jobs (Jobs) portal located on a Clients (Clients) layout.

     It has 2 tabs.  One shows the list of jobs for that client and the other is a detail tab which shows specifics related to that job such as address, notes, etc.

     I have a button on the portal that is supposed to take you to the detail tab of the job you selected.

     Something is not happening correctly.

     My script for the button is:

     Set Field Client_Jobs(Jobs): __kf_JobIDSeledted: Client_Jobs(Jobs); __KPJobID

     Go to object ("Claim Detail Tab")


     (please excuse my formating, I am not sure how to correctly show the script as I don't have it in front of me)


     It will go to the detail page but every job detail has the same info.  For instance, if the job number is  11.230 and I type in the notes page "sent bill to John Smith" That note will appear on all the jobs and every thing on all the other jobs will be the info on job 11.230.

     If I click on the button for job 11.240, I get the the info for Job 11.230.

     When I create a new job, for example 11.250, the detail information for that job will populate the fields in all the other job details.


     I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong in the script that sets up the job or the relationships:

     The job is set up on a proposal page.  After the info is entered into the requested fields the script runs to set up the job:  This is a short form of the script:

     set variables

     go to layout "Detail Job Information (Detail Job Information)

     new record/request

     set fields

     go to layout "Job Information" (Job information)

     Set field Job Information (job information) __kfjobidselected; Detail Job Information (detail job information); __kpJobID

     go to layout Clients

     go to object " View Jobs"  (where jobs are listed).  The new job shows up.



     Clients(Clients) is related to Client_Jobs (Jobs) by __kf_Clientid 

     like this: (__Kp_ClientId = __kf_Clientid)

     Client_Jobs (Jobs) is related to Client_JobsSelected(Jobs) by __Kf_JobId

     Job information (job information)  is related to Detail Job information (Detail Job information) by __kf_jobid


     These layouts all have the same Fields ( Job Information, Detail Job information, Client_Jobs and Client_JobsSeledted)


     the table occurances are Clients (CLIENTS), Client_Jobs (JOBS), Client_JobsSelected (Jobs), Job information (JOB INFORMATION),  and Detail job information (DETAIL JOB INFORMATION)



     Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This used to work, but I don't know what I did that changed it;

     Thank you,

     Carolyn Haywood