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Detailed report after data import

Question asked by krhodes_1 on Aug 26, 2014
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Detailed report after data import



     Currently, I plan to have an excel file compiled quarterly that contains all records stored in Filemaker, with some updates and some new records. When I upload this new file to Filemaker, I expect that the updated excel sheet will change some data of the records currently existing in Filemaker, and will create new records where there are no matching records present. Is there any way to get a report of exactly what is changed and added in the data import? I know there is the summary at the end of how many records modified, skipped, etc. However, I would like to see a report of the actual changes themselves instead of or in addition to the numbers. I think this can be done, but I'm pretty new to Filemaker so just not sure how to get started.


     Thanks for the help!