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    Detailed report after data import



      Detailed report after data import



           Currently, I plan to have an excel file compiled quarterly that contains all records stored in Filemaker, with some updates and some new records. When I upload this new file to Filemaker, I expect that the updated excel sheet will change some data of the records currently existing in Filemaker, and will create new records where there are no matching records present. Is there any way to get a report of exactly what is changed and added in the data import? I know there is the summary at the end of how many records modified, skipped, etc. However, I would like to see a report of the actual changes themselves instead of or in addition to the numbers. I think this can be done, but I'm pretty new to Filemaker so just not sure how to get started.


           Thanks for the help!

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               There is no built in tool that allows you to easily produce that report. You could possibly design your own system, but it would not be easy to set up as you'd have to be able to compare the original data to the newly imported in order to produce a report of what has changed. That would seem to require importing data into a parallel table and using a script and a relationship to compare the data and log the differences in order to produce your report before importing the data into the current table.

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                 Thanks so much PhilModJunk, it makes sense that the average FileMaker user wouldn't necessarily need this tool. I appreciate your general guide... looks like it might be doable, so I'm going to give it a shot. 

                 I have another not-so-related question. Is it possible to have FileMaker parse data at time of import? Specifically, I would like to be able to import records that contain a field with a full name, and have FileMaker break that up into First and Last Name when I import the record. Is this doable?



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                   There are two options, You can import the data into a field and set up another fields with an auto-enter calculation that parses the text. The target field can even have global storage specified. Then be user to enable auto-enter options during import.

                   Or you can use replace field contents immediately after the import records step to update all newly imported records.