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Detecting scheduling conflicts

Question asked by PaulH.Krombholz on Sep 17, 2011
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Detecting scheduling conflicts


I have the task of scheduling room usage for a small college using filemaker pro 7.  I input course, section, credits, start time, end time, days, room, instructor.  Typical records might look like this:


Dept  No. sect.  name                             Cr.   start         end          days    room    instructor

Bil.   111  01     Intro Bio lab                    0     9:30 AM    12:20 PM     Tu       K-121   Krombholz

Bio   111  01    Intro to Bio Lecture           4    9:00 AM     9:50 Am     mwf     K-127    Garner


I would like to know if Filemaker Pro 7 can detect room conflicts (Two people trying to use the same room at the same time).  There are a large number of records, and the only way I know to detect room conflicts is to sort by start time >room >days and then look for conflicts.  This is time consuming, and I sometimes miss conflicts where the start times are different, but there is an overlap in the time periods from start to end. 


Is there a way to use the application to find scheduling conflicts and highlight them?  It would also be nice to be able to catch other kinds of conflicts, such as the same person having to be in two places at the same time.  It would be useful if the application could indicate conflicts at the time of data entry.   If Pro 7 can't do these things, can a later version? 


I am a biologist, not a computer geek, and I have to do this in addition to teaching 15 contact hours a week. 



Paul Krombholz