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Question asked by carlz_1 on Apr 20, 2009
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I am finishing a governmental application that requires a change in certain figures every 6 months.  I debated what was the best way provide for the change of numbers to the client.  I could have gone with a table or with a script.  The script is the better way to go but it will require a patch being sent out every 6 months.


Can anyone give me direction on how best to provide this patch?  Essentially I would like to send a small patch that changes nothing other than that one script.  I've developed a script that will address al the changes and dates without affecting older files that may need to stay the way they were with the older numbers for that aprticualr application.


The script is a series of about 15 SET FIELD statements.


Can I supply just a patch to the program or do I need to send out a whole aplication with a import script?


Thank you.


Using FM 10