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Developer or do it myself?

Question asked by JoannaLloyd on Oct 29, 2013
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Developer or do it myself?


     Hi everyone,

     I purchase filemaker a few months ago as I wanted a system that would enable me to keep details of my clients details and their appointments, rather than using paper files as I have done.

     I have a very basic functioning system, which is ok, but there are improvements I would love to make and am not sure I have the understanding of filemaker or the time to be able to do these.

     I have been looking to see if I might be able to hire someone to do this for me, but everyone I looked at seems to be working on large businesses or I feel it is going to cost heaps of money.  I'm just a small little business that doesn't make much money but enjoys being able to support women through their pregnancy, birth and beyond and would like a system that assists me with client information and looks professional.

     Has anyone got a small business and has had assistance developing filemaker for them? or do you find after going though the training series it's enough to be able to develop a system to meet your needs?

     I would love to hear others opinions.

     Thanks Jo