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    developer probelm



      developer probelm


           I have a situation like this. I have a database in use. And I am still expanding the functions of the database which includes a lot of testing and may generate a lot of records in which the records may have serial ID.  

           Is it usually we should do the development in a seperate file and then after all the functions are tested, then put back all the real data into the system? 

           If it is so, how can I put back the data in to the completed framework?  There should be a developer mode and a real mode, right?

           I want some very detailed guide. Please help.

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               Umm . . . you need to read the help file. Import the data into your new file is my best guess if the data has actually changed. As far as getting a detailed set of instructions, read the manual.

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                 You can use "Save-A-Copy" to make backups.  There is a clone setting that will save a blank copy of your database so you can import your data into the database.

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                   And the import of records can be scripted so that a single button click performs a script that imports all data into all tables and updates the next serial number values on any auto-entered serial number fields.

                   To minimize the need for such data imports, some developers use the Convert to Seperation Model to split their solution into two files--one with all the layouts and scripts and one with all the data. WIth such a structure, updates to the interface file does not require importing any data at all.

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                     I will better use the "Save-A-Copy" method first. Data Separation seems to be more complicated to me.

                     For importing records back to the clone by script? How exactly can I do this? Which script should use? I have no concept on this. How to move all the records from the Real file to the empty new undated file?

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                       From File>Import, or File>Export, depending on which file is open

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                         Export Records creates a new file--not what you want unless you do a two stage proces of exporting to a merge or other text type file and then importing from it into the clone.

                         Import Records can be done from the clone to import records into your file in a single step. I suggest you learn how to do this manually before trying to script it. The scripted process will be very similar to the manual process.