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Developing patient flow in a medical procedural clinic

Question asked by iankatz on Dec 4, 2012
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Developing patient flow in a medical procedural clinic


     Quite new at this - hope this is the appropriate forum.

     Just trying to get a patient flow for a procedural medical clinic arranged in my head.

     1. A patient may have one or more problems

     2. A problem can occur in one or more patient

     3. A patient can have one or more visits

     4. A problem can be dealt with one or more types of procedures (eg one procedure this visit, the same or a different procedure next visit etc). There about 20 different procedures

     5. Obviously each procedure can be used on one or more problem

     My issue is how to put the procedures in a table form. Some are similar and some are quite different. Some will need things chosen off lists eg size of sutures, amount of anesthetic.

     Should each procedure be in its own table and how would I then show this on a relationship graph?