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    Developing with FM Advanced 11



      Developing with FM Advanced 11


      I use FM Advanced 8.5 for developing databases and we have FM Server 10.

      My question is the folloing:  if I buy Advanced 11 for developing, can the users take benefit of features made with Adv 11 that do not exist in Pro version 8+? Would I need to replace the server client licence with one of version 11? I would like to be able to use the charts function. We have some 80 licences of version 8 and up and replacing them all is out of question.

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          Yes and no.

          Many of the Advanced features such as a custom menu or custom function would work, but if you create a chart (new with fileMaker 11), the chart won't be visible to 8+ users.

          Thus, 11 advanced will be very useful due to being an "advanced" copy, the debugger alone can save you many hours of head scratching when a script doesn't do what you thought, but features added to filemaker pro since the release of version 8 won't be accessible to version 8 users for the most part.