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    Development and Run-Time Problems



      Development and Run-Time Problems


      Two Problems: (Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced) 
          When the program is initially loaded, Filemaker presents the login window as normal.
          If the program is closed and then reopened, Filemaker bypasses the login window.
          If Filemaker is closed and the program is read in again, then Filemaker acts
          properly but if the program is closed and read in again, the problem occurs again.
          Earlier versions of this program do not have this problem.  Evidently something has
          changed in the latest version to cause this.  Operating system is Windows XP.

          I have more than one executable (runtime) Filemaker program on a given computer.
          When I run Program A and also try to run Program B, the operating system only
          runs Program A. This happens with both Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Windows
          XP also will not allow two programs to run at the same time.

           Thank you for your help.     CountryBoy1


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          You'll need to describe what you are doing in more detail. In the question in your first paragraph, are you opening a .fp7 file or a runtime (.usr) file?

          When you "close and re-open" your file, are you closing the window to the database file or closing the application window to quit FileMaker? If you are just closing the file window, do you have other files/windows open, perhaps hidden? Check the windows menu--particularly the Show submenu to see. If another file is open and has a reference to the file you are closing, it may be re-opening the file as a hidden background window and this could short circuit the log in dialog as the file is already open and you are really just taking the window out of "hidden" status.

          On your run time files, how exactly are you opening the database? Are your two run time solutions saved with the same file extension? (.usr is the default, but you can pick different extensions). If you specify different extensions for each solution there should be no problems opening either or both solutions. Even with the same extension, if you double click the .exe file created when you created the runtime solution, the correct set of files should open.

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            When opening one RunTime, the User Name signin window opens and current windows username is auto entered.

            Neither of these runtimes have username limits defined.
            Accepting the "Administrator" user, opens the first RunTime.

            There is another runtime, which is a modified copy of the first database.
            A runtime of the second was created with the same .usr extension, different database name and different runtime name.

            When clicking the filemaker runtime .exe file of the second runtime, while the first is open, the first is brought to the foreground and the second does not open or present a sign in window.

            This is on Windows XP Pro SP3.

            My Google turned up the Windows Runtimes need to have different extensions to be opened at the same time.

            Cannot run two Runtime solutions together in Windows XP

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                   For the Development Problem:  There are no hidden files.  The problem occurs
                   when the window to the database file is closed and then reopened.  If Filemaker
                   itself is closed and then reopened and then the databasefile opened, the login-window appears.


                   For the Execution Problem:  I do not know the extension of the Runtime Executable.
                   Windows will not tell me.  It only says the files are Filemaker Pro 7 RunTime Database
                   files.  I do a copy and paste an Icon to the Desktop for each program.  Each Icon points
                   to a different program.  If the first program is started, then clicking on the icon for the
                   second program does not cause it to run.

                   Sincerely, CountryBoy1



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                         For the Development Problem:  I just installed Windows XP Service Pack 3.
                    (It's a long story.  My computer just had a new motherboard installed and
                     Windows XP had been damaged some.)  I rearranged some things as to
                     how the first database window is set up when it is opened.  Now things ARE
                     working again.  Not sure just why.

                         Still need help on the Execution Problem.  Can I give the Filemaker Pro 7
                     Runtime Executables different extensions ?  Will they still run ?  What
                     extensions can be used ?  Sometimes I want to be able to open two programs
                     at the same time because sometimes I need some information from the second
                     program to tell me what to do in the first program.

                     Sincerely, CountryBoy1



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                  You do not give the executables new extensions. You give the database files new extensions. If your OS is set up to hide the extensions, right click them and choose properties. You can specify different file extensions for one of the two run time systems during the "binding" process that creates the runtime.

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                    Dear PhilModJunk

                        Thanks for your help.  I'll try your technique.