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Development and Run-Time Problems

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Mar 10, 2012
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Development and Run-Time Problems


Two Problems: (Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced) 
    When the program is initially loaded, Filemaker presents the login window as normal.
    If the program is closed and then reopened, Filemaker bypasses the login window.
    If Filemaker is closed and the program is read in again, then Filemaker acts
    properly but if the program is closed and read in again, the problem occurs again.
    Earlier versions of this program do not have this problem.  Evidently something has
    changed in the latest version to cause this.  Operating system is Windows XP.

    I have more than one executable (runtime) Filemaker program on a given computer.
    When I run Program A and also try to run Program B, the operating system only
    runs Program A. This happens with both Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Windows
    XP also will not allow two programs to run at the same time.

     Thank you for your help.     CountryBoy1