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Development Assistance: Best Practices, Scripts, Recommendations

Question asked by ConnorUffman on Jul 11, 2011
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Development Assistance: Best Practices, Scripts, Recommendations


Background:  I am trying to develop a database that collects information for specific projects obtained by our company and that can easily be sent to and updated by our clients. After we import the new records with our gathered information, clients have additional fields that they can manipulate (i.e. ranking, application status, interview date, interviewer, candidate status, position test status, test file, test grade, etc.)

Current Situation: Our current project requires collection of potential job applicant info including: name, case number id, contact info, a brief preliminary survey, a URL portfolio, and their uploaded resume and sample code files.

We can easily export all "information fields" into .XML and then import the .XML into a Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 database to create the records. However, the problem I am having is attaching their uploaded files into the database in an efficient manner.

Our current CMS system does not allow us to link to the server in which the files are stored, so we have to download all files onto our computer/ server.

In addition to the actual files, I had created a tab group that displayed a preview of the URL Portfolio, the resume, the test, and the sample code. (Easy scripting of the Insert Picture, Portal scripts). The container fields for the files all have script buttons that allow us to manually select the corresponding files for each record. This, while speeding up the process considerably, is still extremely time-consuming, particularly as the number of applicants increases.

Current work-flow: "Upload Resume Button" -> Runs a script to help insert the correct files that stored file in resume field, and then picture file in resume preview field ->Dialogue Box -> Select File (for storage in Resume field) -> Dialogue Box 2 -> Select File (for image preview in Preview Resume field)

The downloaded files all have the format of "Case123456789_ 'applicant's document title'' and we have the Case Number field.

Problems and Questions:

  1. I am trying to figure out a better way to automatically insert the files into the appropriate fields for each record.
  2. Should these be the actual files or just a reference (if sharing the database via FM 11 Server)?
    1. Currently, we are storing the files in the container, then sending .fp11 file to client via dropbox (obviously, horrible system)
    2. Now, we have recently purchased FM Server 11 Advanced and re-developing db for easier workflow and deployment.
  3. Is there a way to specify a single folder in which all the files (ex. resume files) are stored so that Filemaker chooses which one to insert based on the CaseID?

My Initial Thoughts:

1. Run a Selection Script that will copy the contents of our Case ID field to the clipboard. -> Go to Field (Uploaded Resume) -> Insert File -> AppleScript that Pastes CaseID contents into search and finds file -> Select File

- Not sure how to run the AppleScript in the middle of the Insert File Script

2. Have a "File" Table that is Related to the "Application" Table through a Portal.... not sure how to automatically populate the list of available files. Would be easier to link the data once in table format, though.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!