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Question asked by aammondd on May 13, 2010
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Development Help (Environment tools)


Ok Im really still in the design stage of an application I want to develop in FM and have realized that I am going to need to have nearly every field I place on a layout have script triggers many of them running the same script based on the type of field control.


The solution Ive come up with for myself is to create a global record with some various fields (Text Date Number Blank Calculation)

Ive created a layout based on this record with various field controls and script triggers for each field

I open this layout in a new window so that when designing a new layout I drag and drop the fields onto my new layout then just select  the record::field that it applies to in the new layout.


My question is does FM11 or a Plugin make what Im trying to accomplish easier


It would be very nice  to have the field select dialog box popup when the field is dropped on the new layout is there  a way to have that happen


The other thing that would be great is for me to be able to select the script trigger dialog box by clicking on the badge in the layout 


if there are plugins or features in 11 that make this easier Id appreciate the help


I dont want to reinvent the wheel here if its available already