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Question asked by MitchellEpeneter on Oct 30, 2013
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     Hi everyone.

     I was hoping to get some help determining the cost of developing a relatively simply database for a small early childhood education company I work for. We currently offer a preschool program with about 35 students enrolled, an afterschool program with 30, and a handful of offsite or extra-curricular programs including art and music.

     The database has three main functions – tracking students (storing medical info, parent contact info, previous and current enrollment), managing classes (attendance, schedule) and tracking payment (determining who has paid, interfacing with Quickbooks).

     I will be the

     I will be the one developing this database. I have intermediate programming knowledge and for most pieces of this development I don’t imagine it being much of an issue. The company I’m helping is a small one and wants a solution that will be able to grow as they do – without having it be too overcomplicated right now.

     Can anyone help with a rough estimate of what a range of costs this might go for? I realize development costs depend on experience and everything – I’m trying to figure out a reasonable range of billable hours and a total cost of the project.


     Thank you so much!