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Development workflow

Question asked by BryanN on Dec 5, 2012
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Development workflow


     So for my first DB update, I copied the current FM file being used by our company and developed on a local version on my notebook.  After completeing my updates, I imported all the records from our company DB (obviously while nobody was using it) and deployed.  Key item: I left the Perform auto-enter options on import unchecked.

     2 Questions to go with this:

     1) Is this a good way to do it?  We only have maybe 10 or so tables and importing to each one individually wasn't all that bad but if there is a better way to do updates, I'm all ears.

     2) One issue I ran across: in a few tables (ones dedicated to be line items for parent tables via a portal mostly), the auto generated serial PK ended up entering duplicate values.  What happened was lets say a certain table left off with a PK of 898 at the time that I copied a local version over to my notebook.  Well, after a little while of development time and such, by the time I had deployed, the company DB had entered more of those, lets say getting up to a PK 925.  Problem is that the counter in my DB said the next value would be 899 and thus once I imported all the records from the company DB and deployed, it started duplicating values from 899-925.  Other than checking each table on import after a deveopment cycle and ensuring all next values are clear of what's already been entered, is there any other solution? (I've already ensured this won't happen again by checking the 'unique' validation criteria)