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Development, Distribution and Updating ..

Question asked by synergy46 on Mar 7, 2009
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Development, Distribution and Updating ..


I have FM 10 Advanced on OSX.

I create an application, build it for distribution and distribute it.



After Distribution I update some scripts, tweak some layouts, add a table to replace a list lookup etc....


Now I want to distribute these better changes to users.   File Export doesn't seem to do it.  And, of course it needs to be done in a way that will allow the user to RETAIN their existing data.


Also, I read this on the FM web site:  The FileMaker Developer Utilities for Mac OS X and Windows are each platform specific, and each creates a runtime database for that platform only. So the actual runtime database must be created on the platform on which it is intended to be run.

If your solution will be used in Windows, bind it using the Developer Utilities for Windows.


OK.  That sounds like I have to buy another copy of FM for Windows in order to run the Windows Development Utility?  I have looked on the FM CD I bought (OSX) and there is no Windows development utility.  I think I am just screwed on this.  What is your take?


How would you do it?