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    Dial Phone on Apple



      Dial Phone on Apple


      Hi, I have been using FMPro11 on my PC to dial. I love that dialing feature. I connect my modem jack to the wall jack and I dail out all the time.

      I recently bought an apple and I dont know how to connect the apple to the wall for dialing. How does the Dial Phone command work on the apple?


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          Haven't read of anyone doing that for years except with GO on an iPhone. I'm guessing that would require special hardware and some interfacing software if it is possible at all on the Mac.

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            Thanks Phil, if no-one does this anymore - what do they do now?

            How did the Dial Phone command work on the Apple back when they did do it?

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              Back then they had a built in or external dial up modems. I believe at least one supplier produced a gadget that could be hooked up as a modem but used to dial the phone--but that was years ago.

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                Hi Phil, I went out to the apple store today and bought a USB modem jack.

                I was told there is not many left. I connected my phone line to the model end and clicked the dial button. I got an error 3 which says Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.)

                Do I have to configure the modem because it seem that the config wants me to put in a username and password and a phone number to call.

                If this error is a roadblock and you are not sure what to do, maybe I should start looking at this another way.

                Is there any way I can stick an IPHONE to the computer and have the IPhone dial out. Or a Magic Jack or something else.

                I really would like to have this feature working.

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                  I have no idea. I'm just trying to think back and remember how they used to do it. There may not be any way you can do it today with a Mac system.

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                    That command is not available on Mac. It's in the documentation.