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Dial Phone Script - Apple OS, FM Pro 11

Question asked by jessieleah on Mar 30, 2011
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Dial Phone Script - Apple OS, FM Pro 11


Does the script step work on an Apple?

I have searched the forum and haven't found a definitive yes or no.  Seems there maybe some work around, via AppleScript...

I asked because we are looking at a new phone system.  We currently use a VOIP system and are looking at bringing the hardware and software in-house instead of being hosted which is what we are doing now.  One company we are looking at the Digium using Switchbox.  They have a bunch of open-sourced apps that can be used with the system - I thought maybe there was was something that would allow FileMaker and our phone system communicate - it would be sweet when in our Work Orders DB to click a button and a script would have the phone be dialed based the number in the telephone field.

Anyone have any thoughts?  If you need more info from me - let me know.