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    Dial Phone Script - Apple OS, FM Pro 11



      Dial Phone Script - Apple OS, FM Pro 11


      Does the script step work on an Apple?

      I have searched the forum and haven't found a definitive yes or no.  Seems there maybe some work around, via AppleScript...

      I asked because we are looking at a new phone system.  We currently use a VOIP system and are looking at bringing the hardware and software in-house instead of being hosted which is what we are doing now.  One company we are looking at the Digium using Switchbox.  They have a bunch of open-sourced apps that can be used with the system - I thought maybe there was was something that would allow FileMaker and our phone system communicate - it would be sweet when in our Work Orders DB to click a button and a script would have the phone be dialed based the number in the telephone field.

      Anyone have any thoughts?  If you need more info from me - let me know.

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          It's my understanding that Dial Phone is no longer compatible with Mac systems, but I could be wrong. It can be used with FileMaker Go on an Iphone interestingly enough, but that's not what you are looking for here.

          If you haven't already done so, you might research filemaker plug ins to see if a third party developer has come up with something that will work. I don't know of any such item, but you never know until you search...

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            One of the companies we are working with found a program - Dialectic.  Works pretty slick.  Can be used in writing scripts or basically right click on anything that is a phone number and select dial.  We will be using to dial our hard and soft phones.  Very cool stuff!