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    Dialog box when near a deadline



      Dialog box when near a deadline



      I'm creating a DB with clients and projects with "deadlines". Those deadlines are crucial, i absolutly need to respect them! The clients sometimes have multiple projects with different dates so i cannot simply sort them out in order. What i would like is to create a script that would tell me when a particulary client is near the deadline (let say 10 days before) for any projects.

      Is it possible to have that in a dialog box? My idead would be to have it as part of the opening script so when i open the DB i immediatly see if i'm close to any deadline.

      My DB isn't very complex. I have a main table (people) and a secondary one ( project) link to the first. In the "people" layout, i have a portal with all the projects associated to that person. If i ckick on the portal, i have acces to the second table with a much more detailled description of the project. The "deadline" dates are on that second table.

      Thanks for your help!

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          The clients sometimes have multiple projects with different dates so i cannot simply sort them out in order.

          Why not? Each such deadline should be in its own record and thus performing a find for all unmet deadlines followed by sorting should produce a list of all such entries with the most urgent listed first.

          And with that structure a script can perform a find once a day (or each time that you open the file) for all deadlines that are 10 days from today or later.

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            Ok, i can actually sort them out in order.... :)

            I would still like a pop up dialog box whenever i get close to a deadline. Is it possible to have this dialog box show me (within the actual dialog box) the projects near the deadline?

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              What you want can be done, but it depends on how much detail you want to show in the dialog as space is limited there. I'd prefer to use an actual layout listing such projects as I could then turn this into a kind of "check list" where you can click a button next to each project listed to pull up the record or records on that project as a convenient way to make sure the issue is dealt with.

              OnFirstWindow open is a trigger that can perform a script to find records.

              This thread shows many examples of scripted finds: Scripted Find Examples

              Including some that search by date.

              Then, If [ Get ( FoundCount ) ]

              can tell the script that records with urgent deadline dates have been found and the resulting list of  found records can be displayed on a list view layout, possibly popped up in its own "dialog box like" window for you to see and work with.

              You could also set the script to create a list of Project names or numbers to display in a custom message if you want, but space in that dialog is limited and you won't be able to use the list as a kind of check list to quickly find and work with the data on these projects. If your list is always very short, you can make this work and FileMaker 13's new "list of" summary field might be used to get a list of data from your found set for inclusion in the custom dialog.

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                Phil, or anyone else reading, just wondering, along the lines with deadline notification.  Do you have any thoughts about using one of the FM calendar plug-ins (FM Easy Calendar, etc.)? Most have free trial periods.  I don't know if they handle a task like this.

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                  Never tried them out, but it's pretty easy to set up a calendar without using a plug in. I set one up back in an older version of FileMaker that is very simple and which still works in V 13 once you do the needed file conversion:


                  Just launch fileMaker without trying to open this file and then use Open from the File menu to open this file. FileMaker will then create a new copy of the file converted to the newer file format.

                  For FM Go users I've also created a "date picker" inside a popover that can be used in place of the iOS system's "spinning wheel" date picker for selecting dates via a calendar format: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78737945/DatePickerPopoverDemo.fmp12