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Dialog box when near a deadline

Question asked by SimonOuellet on Feb 27, 2015
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Dialog box when near a deadline



I'm creating a DB with clients and projects with "deadlines". Those deadlines are crucial, i absolutly need to respect them! The clients sometimes have multiple projects with different dates so i cannot simply sort them out in order. What i would like is to create a script that would tell me when a particulary client is near the deadline (let say 10 days before) for any projects.

Is it possible to have that in a dialog box? My idead would be to have it as part of the opening script so when i open the DB i immediatly see if i'm close to any deadline.

My DB isn't very complex. I have a main table (people) and a secondary one ( project) link to the first. In the "people" layout, i have a portal with all the projects associated to that person. If i ckick on the portal, i have acces to the second table with a much more detailled description of the project. The "deadline" dates are on that second table.

Thanks for your help!