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    Dialog box, input fields, and finds



      Dialog box, input fields, and finds


      I put togehter a custom dialog box with input fields to put a date range in. How do I write a script that pulls the dates from the input fields and performs a find for that date range? Thanks!

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          That depends to some extent on how you set this up. Assuming you used separate input fields for the beginning and ending dates for your date range, define two date fields with global storage to use with your custom dialog. Then your script might look like this:

          Show Custom Dialog ["please enter a date range."]
          If [ IsValid ( YourTable::gDate1) and ( YourTable::gdate1 < YourTable::gdate2 ) ]
             Enter FInd mode []
             Set Field [YourTable::Date ; yourTable::gDate1 & "..." & YourTable::gdate2]
             Set Error capture [on]
             Perform find[]
             Show Custom Dialog ["Invalid date range"]
          ENd IF