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    Dialog Boxes Automatically Commit



      Dialog Boxes Automatically Commit


      Recently we have been having a problem exclusively in FileMaker. When a dialog box pops up, many times the dialog will automatically dismiss itself as if "enter" were chosen. I've eliminated user error, and it happens on multiple workstation with different keyboards so I don't believe it's related to that. Naturally this causes problems with scripts.

      I have tried searching online and through these forums and have come up with no references to this same problem. Does anyone have any insight as to what could be causing this? Thanks!

      FileMaker 11.0v4

      Mac OS X 10.6.8

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          This sounds new. Which dialogs? Print? Page Setup? Custom Dialogs? or ???

          Does this happen only in one file? If you create a small test file, do you see the same behavior in it?

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            Thanks for your response.

            I have made small files and it hasn't happened in those. Since the problem is intermittent it's difficult to reproduce.

            It has happened in a variety of Custom Dialogs as well as "Replace Field Contents" and other standard dialogs. I've noticed no pattern.

            Pure uneducated speculation: I've noticed an annoying tendancy, when multiple windows are open in FileMaker, occasionally one that is not in front will jump in front. I assume something's going on like a record being updated or refreshed. Sometimes, but not always, the "dialog commit" will be followed by another window jumping in front.

            I also wonder if it's other applications or the OS.

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              Both behaviors, the unexpected closing of dialogs and windows suddently getting the focus are not typical for FileMaker in my personal experience nor have I seen reports of the same here.

              As a basic test to rule out possible issues, try recovering the file and test the recovered file to see if you get the same behavior.

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                     Forgive me for ressurecting an old thread; I thought it best to post what I did to fix it in case anyone else has it come up.

                     I discovered the layouts it occurred in had a script trigger to "commit record" when exiting the layout. When turned off, the dialogs closing themselves stopped.