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      How can I setup a field so that you can write to the field which is going to be called diary , so that you can enter notes then it will add that note with a time stamp within the logs but you are not able to remove the notes already there?

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          A very simple way.

          Field called New Note  which is set to editable

          Field called Notes which is not editable on that layout

          Button above New Note Field that will use a script to add date, such as


          SCRIPT Set New Note TimeStamp 


          Set Field [”New Note”, “DateToText(Status(CurrentDate)) & ", " & Hour(Status(CurrentTime)) & ":" & Minute(Status(CurrentTime))) & " - "

          Go To Field [”New Note”]


          Enter your note to New Notes


          Another Button "Append Note"  that will use a script to append the new note to the Notes field



          Set Field [”Notes”, “New Note &

          "¶" &

          "_______________" &

          "¶¶" & Notes]

          Set Field [”New Note”, “”””]


          NOTE, this was used in a FMP v5 database and could be done better. But it works.




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               I suggest you make each note a separate record in a related table, with separate fields for timestamp and text. A lot of things will become easier that way.