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    Dictionary size limit?



      Dictionary size limit?


      I must have run into some sort of limit on my spelling dictionary as I am unable to get the application to learn any more words. I suspect I'm out of luck if one can only have one user dictionary and mine seems to be full (although it doesn't seem to be that large, only 36k). Anyone else hit this limit and found a workaround?


      Thanks for any suggestions.


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          Hi "troyecol",
          I don't recall FMP having a size limit for the dictionary.  I've encountered similar issues with dictionaries from other apps and found the problem wasn't the size, but that the dictionaries were moved or the app 'lost' the location of the dictionaries.
          Here are a few things to check...
          A. Go to FMP "Edit" menu & select "Spelling -> Select Dictionaries..."
          Normally, you should see a dialog that allows you to select your spelling language.  You should also see the path to your 'User' dictionary.  If you do not see these, your dictionaries are not installed properly, or they have been moved.  They should be located in the...  FileMaker Pro 9 Folder\Extensions\Dictionaries, all of which are located in the local hard drive's applications/programs folder.
          Some users may opt to have their 'User' dictionary located in their 'Home' folder.  This allows them to be the only user with specific words and it also allows the dictionary to 'follow' them in a "Roaming Profiles" network environment.
          B. Go to FMP "Edit" menu & select "Spelling -> Edit User Dictionary..."
          Normally, you will see a dialog with all the words that a user has added to their dictionary via the "Learn" button.  In this dialog, you can add and remove words; export your words to a TEXT file to use in another app; and, import a TEXT file of words from another app.  I would export your words (as a backup), then delete all the words, test the "Learn", reimport the words, test again.  You may have a 'bad' word with 'bad' characters that 'screw up' your "User" dictionary.
          Hope this help...  Good Luck!!!
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            Thanks Kundinger.


            A momentary hope for a simple solution but no dice. I tried your suggeston of export/import but found no difference in behavior. Scanning the file revealed no obvious corruption. So I tested deleting an entry and this allowed me to add one and only one more. Repeat and the same. This seems to indicates that there is a limitation on the number of words in the dictionary and I've reached it (2882).

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              I'm trying to get a definitive answer, but not having much luck.  The dictionary was licensed by another company.  It appears there is a FILE size limit of 32K for the user dictionary.


              If I get more information, I'll let you know.



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                Thanks for checking TS.


                One User  Dictionary of 32K seems like a limitation these days. Perhaps there will be a more generous allotment in some future version. Then again, there does not seem to be many running into this wall. I must be more challenged spelling than most other users!